No Lie Lives Forever; a captivating fictional work mixing greed, lust, suspense and international intrigue while incorporating current geopolitical events.

The story takes place in New York City and involves Wall Street hotshot hedge fund manager, Travis Carmichael: a remarkably successful Brooks Brothers-looking Manhattanite on the fast-track to legendary status until he passionately falls hard for a striking Russian woman named Naomi Knight.  Her seductive influence is equivalent to quicksand as Travis becomes trapped in an array of limited solutions, which will not only impact his life and career but also those in power in the United States and Eurozone.

The origin of No Lie Lives Forever is from the author's professional and personal experiences working on Wall Street, interacting with Russian spies and critical international leaders.  The plot is based off of a real-life sequence of events, though names of people, firms, countries and the timeframe of said events have been masqueraded to protect privacy and maintain secrets.

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